Reviewing Piazzolla: A Serif Font with a Modern Twist, Perfect for Blogs and Publishing

Reviewing Piazzolla: A Serif Font with a Modern Twist, Perfect for Blogs and Publishing

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How to Use Piazzolla for Logo and Branding

Serif Traditions

Serif lettering originates from inscriptional lettering created by the Romans. The Romans were great at making things with stones -- sculptures, architecture, carving texts into buildings -- you name it, they built it. The letter outlines were first painted onto the stone, and then the stone carver followed the brush marks. The flares carvers made at the end of the stroke and corners became the serifs you see now.

image.png img: Times New Roman is one of the most well-known serif fonts

image.png img: The Trajan Column is the best-known example of Roman Inscription lettering. photo credit:

Serifs are usually considered classic, serious, and proper. Piazzolla is all of those things, but with doses of energy. The tension between the straight edges and curves gives this serif trendy and updated vibes. As a serif, Piazzolla is classic, serious, but with a fun, lively touch.

image.png img: In HBO’s Silicon Valley, Jared Dunn is your not so stereotypical Business Dev guy. If Jared were a font, he probably is Piazzolla!

How to Use Piazzola for Logo and Branding?

Piazzolla is great for logos. But remember it has a trendy, energetic tone. If your brand is classic but geared towards a younger audience, why not give Piazzolla a try?

Typography System

This typeface has so many weights, which means it can be used in a variety of sizes, as header, subhead, or body.

image.png img: In addition to the weights pictured here, Piazzolla also has several weights in italics. It will meet all your needs.

###Cautiously Avoid Don’t clutter your design with a bunch of bold, capitalized texts. It overwhelms your audience.

###Thank you Piazzolla is available on Google Fonts. Have a nice week and see you in the next issue!